Festival Performa & Platforma 2018 - Connection

Aphra Tesla


premiere of ritual multimedia noncontemporary performance | Slovenia, Russia


Entry is restricted to persons aged over 18 years.

Ritual multimedia noncontemporary performance, blending movement, language and sound idiolects to bring libido back to theatre.

The performance explores the addiction to excitement and to locating sound intrusions, the acousmatic of the voice and the grammar of movement.  Through a stage regression, Claudel steps out of the position of the "unheard madwoman" to become the stalker of ontological openings and lay out the history of art and women artists who bring forth the new, asexual human.

Aphra Tesla MA, the initiator of the ongoing interdisciplinary project Aphra Tesla Operating System, is the only living artist to have an intermedia award named after her (the White Aphroid Award presented by Kiblix).

Initiated and directed by: Aphra Tesla
Dramaturgical assistance: Jasmina Zalo┼żnik
Performed by: Aphra Tesla, Dmitry Globa-Mikhailenko
Space and light design: Aphra Tesla
Sound design: Dmitry Globa-Mikhailenko, Aphra Tesla, Infundibulum/ Neven M. Agalma
Produced by: Aphra Tesla
Coproduced by: GT22, MKC, Ustanova Fundacija Sonda
Supported by: Municipality of Maribor

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