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VIDEO: PERFORMA | Enya Belak Gupta

S P A C E between

performance and a photography and video exhibition | Slovenia, England

Festival Opening

S P A C E between
Open until: 1.9.2018 | The gallery is open on weekdays from 10 am to 2 pm and from 3 pm to 6 pm and on Saturdays from 10 am to 1 pm.

In S P A C E between, Enya explores the idea of meeting a stranger through an intimate space without words, without seeing each other. Inspired by the photographic sequence 'Chance Encounter' by Duane Michals.

S P A C E between is a project Enya started developing during her studies at the Goldsmiths University of London. Her interest in the surrounding energy, details and relationships between beings encouraged her to present her intimate observations to the public. The opening exhibition of twenty six photographic works took place in March 2018 in Leman Locke, London.

Concept and art works: Enya Belak Gupta
Performed by: Enya Belak Gupta & Jerca Ro┼żnik Novak
Video projection: Aadhar Gupta

Enya Belak Gupta

Enya Belak Gupta is an upcoming artist, recently graduated from Goldsmiths University of London with an MA in Directing Fiction films. Enya works in fields of film, contemporary dance, theatre, and visual communications. Enya has been recognised and awarded for her accomplishments. The Award of Ksenja Hribar for a prospective and upcoming dancer is one of them. She collaborated with Slovenian and International artists in numerous projects. In recent years she has presented various projects such as Luminary (short film), Red Fountain (short dance film), Girl with The Dragon (dance performance), The Daddy Project (dance performance), etc. Editing Choreography is her own method of work which she is still developing. Enya is known as a director, production designer, dancer, choreographer and graphic designer.

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