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De Stilte


dance theatre | Netherlands

After the performance talk and presentation WE HAVE follows.

All in all, dinner can be a true drag. Such a nuisance, such a mess, such a racket. Finish your plate, stop playing with your food, leaving the table every other minute and then, wait! What? The children have altogether disappeared. Away, vanished! Hiding somewhere in the house… Good fun and excitement for the kids, but a nightmare for mom and dad. And as they try to track down their children, the two parents find themselves lost. In desperation, they take a leap of faith. The outcome is quite surprising. As can be expected from de Stilte.

For this occasion, the Dutch company teamed up with internationally acclaimed composers Jeroen van Vliet and Mete Erker to create a dance performance that have parents reconsider who is misbehaving.

Choreography: Jack Timmermans
Performed by: Wiktoria Czakon, Chris Havner, Gleen Orlando Mardenborough and Femke Somerwil.
Music: Mete Erker, Jeroen van Vliet
Costumes: Joost van Wijmen
Animation: Afterlight
Light design: Pink Steenvoorden
The hosting of the performance in Maribor is also supported by The Performing Arts Fund NL.

Jack Timmermans & de Stilte

With Jack Timmermans as its founding father and acting mentor, de Stilte now focuses entirely on developing performances and educational activities for children, both in schools and in theatres. Its mission – that children deserve to get in contact with the art form of dance at its highest level – brings the company worldwide. For years, de Stilte has been the most internationally travelled company of the Netherlands.

Finishing his studies at the Dance Academy Brabant, Jack Timmermans started teaching at the Mikojel Academy in Sittard in 1979. In 1987 he obtained a fulltime position at the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg. After gaining valuable hands-on experience in creating Timmermans decided to reduce his work as a teacher and expand his activities as a freelance choreographer. This marks the beginning of his company, de Stilte, in 1994.

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